About Us

Purposes of the Foundation

The major goals of the Loudoun Archaeological Foundation include scientific archaeological research and “whole community” archaeological public education and preservation/conservation of the cultural and natural resources of Loudoun County and environs. A concern for the negative impact of current fast-paced urban and suburban development on the heritage resources in Loudoun County and elsewhere in Northern Virginia and a rapidly growing community’s unfamiliarity with its rich, diverse cultural history led to the creation of the foundation. Community-service (free) archaeological research/educational programs are key to the foundation’s mission. The purpose is to first promote the community’s appreciation and understanding of its historic/prehistoric heritage while raising awareness of its endangerment. The primary program goals of the Foundation are to:

  1. Conduct yearly scientific archaeological research/investigations as a means of educating the public regarding local/regional cultural resources.
  2. Expand the current list/inventory of over a thousand archaeological sites in Loudoun County.  
  3. Tailor archaeological education programs to the “whole community” (all ages, sectors of the community) from public/private school systems to senior groups.
  4. Acquire certain endangered historic/prehistoric structures/properties in Loudoun County for archaeological education/preservation purposes.
  5. Work cooperatively with Virginia state and local government historic preservation agencies and local business and preservation groups